Sunday, August 22, 2010

Surprising Garage Sale Find Vintage Linens and day at the farmers market

These were waiting for me!
Leaving the house early to go and set up at the farmers market, my Saturday garage saleing has to be on the way home around 2.00 p.m.
I make a quick sidetrip off the highway to the village nearby, check out any garage sales and then home I go!
Check out that DEEP crochet lace!!
At $2.00 a pair!!! They were kind of behind on a table with a whole lot of unattractive ordinary bedding and curtains.......maybe nobody saw them? ....or wanted them?...
I think they were just waiting for a vintage linen lover to find them!
There's our little setup at the market........Under the light colored canopy. It was a perfect weather day, and lots of people came out for the wonderful fresh produce and so many other things that the market provides with their varied vendors.
These busking gals were GREAT! They sang alot of 80's, 90's tunes and gave it their all!
A lady that does spinning, brought along a cute...baaaaaaaa!
Hope you're enjoying your weekend!
I must confess.......
I've been shoving the cucumbers in the fridge this last week or giving them away.....I have got to go and make some pickles and pick the cukes again...
I'd much rather be doing something creative or visiting my blog friends.
.....and the dust bunnies are taking over too!!!
See you soon I hope!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow lucky you...the linens are gorgeous.How lovely.Thanks for sharing.

Chris said...

Lucy, I love that crochet! I wish I could find a pattern like that. My grandma couldn't read patterns so she would just look at something and do it. I'm not that good.

Tamarah said...

Morning Lucy.... :o) !!

I hope you've been well....! What a GORGEOUS find....The PERFECT end to a PERFECT day I'd say....!!

Cheers from Oz,
Tamarah :o)

Chris said...

Lucy, after looking at the beautiful doilies I googled vintage crochet patterns and found a lot of freebies. I am so excited. Just my do some crochet this winter.

The Polka Dot Closet said...


I don't know what is with blogger lately i am going to rewrite this it did not take it the first time. I love your pillow cases, what is it with old linen i love it also! Those pickles look soooo good! I am a garlic lover, I think that was the magic ingredient! Thank you for stopping by, I have had fun catching up on all of your posts!