Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Don't get too close to the nest! An explanation too!

I'm so behind, and here is a post that was intended for over a week ago! There has been alot going on around here, out of town visitors, cucumbers to be pickled, and .........a husband with a bad back that couldn't golf for 2 weeks.....hanging around the house........get it?
So here is the first of a few posts that I am now taking the time to do. Cukes are picked and ready to pickle in the morning, husband thank goodness golfing again and gone for a while longer so here I am posting!
Daddy Robin was NOT happy when I bent over and was peeking through the cracks of the deck to check on the babies! I wish I could have got a better shot of his head. His feathers/hair was standing on end, he looked like he'd spiked it!
The nest can be seen when you peek through the boards......
Sunday morning I weeded, and weeded..........

See all those bare spots in the garden? Well, that's how bad it is this year, as usually there is hardly a spot of dirt to be found!
More later!
UPDATE.........as I post this I can't get over how the bare spots have greatly filled in.......those cucumbers are going crazy!!!

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