Friday, December 4, 2009

Wartime Pictures, Power Outage, BLUE CAKE

Well, yesterday was interesting, especially the evening. We had Kiera after school for dinner and a visit while her mom and dad were busy with events. After dinner, it was "let's make a cake" was white but we decided we'd surprise Gigi (grandpa) and make it blue.

Into the oven it went, and throughout the first half hour the power would go out, just momentarily. It then went out for almost 2 hours!

Out came the candles, and we sat with a little flashlight looking at an old photo album of my mom's. It was the very first one she had put together when she came to Canada as a warbride in 1946. I had just happened to have it out to look at, so Kiera was very interested.

As we looked at the old pictures by candlelight, she said to my husband "is this what it was like when you were a child?"

The old album, and above a page with pictures taken when my mom was in the "Land Army". What stories she used to tell of where they were placed to work on farms while the men were away at war.

The old album

I might use this as a texture for a digital collage one of these days. It is rather interesting!

The surface of the blue cake may also make an interesting part of a collage!

The cake had to be put back in the oven, we took it out in the dark, guessing that it was wasn' was rather yukky......! of course Kiera thought it was wonderful, even without the chocolate icing that was ready to spread on it.
Just before she went home, she pulled out the tinkertoys, I'd picked the old set up at a garage sale a couple of years ago. Now that she  is old enough to read instructions, 8-1/2, she followed directions and quickly put this "swing set" together.

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vintagesusie said...

Your photo album is wonderful Lucy, you must treasure it so & your pictures of the textures are great...I especially like the blue cake! LOL You & Dr Seuss would have gotten along swimmingly! Whenever we get a really bad snow here, about 8 times a winter, our power goes out. I hate my sweet husband has the generator all ready & in a few flips of a switch the powers back on...thank goodness! You know I should be greatful, maybe he didn't cut the turkey bird this year, but he always keeps me connected to the 'juice'!! :)