Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A big thankyou!

A special thankyou to my blog buddy Susie over at Vintage Susie and Wings for making me my own personal blog banner!  She used pictures from my blog along with her special Photoshop Super Powers and came up with that wonderful banner. I just love it! Thankyou Susie!!
When I started my blog, I somehow came across Susie's and just really loved it. I love her style and her posts and all the interesting little things she puts along the side. So pretty and so interesting.
We were both fairly new at blogging and also both had the digital art bug and were new at that too.
We love to visit back and forth and cheer eachother on. I guess we just clicked!
Thankyou my friend!

1 comment:

vintagesusie said...

You are so welcome my friend & I think I like this one much better then the 1st. The added color in the bouquet looks sweet & it's also a much better fit! Yeahhhhh...I'm so glad you like it! Merry Christmas friend!!! :)