Friday, December 11, 2009

A note to Santa and Jaxon's Christmas haircut

Same doggie? sweet grand-doggie was pretty shaggy, but at least he kept nice and warm in this minus degree weather. Well, now he's all spruced up for Christmas, and looks like a proper Airdale Terrier!

My gal Sherri, Kiera's mom, sent these pictures. Below is a note she found on the coffee table, one of many assorted notes to Santa that she's been finding lately around the house. How does the mind of an eight year old really work?

Have a great weekend!


vintagesusie said...

Poor Jaxson, now he'll be sooo cool when he has to go potty!LOL No he looks mavelous! Love the note to Santa from Keira, I need to write mine here soon. ;)

Chris Arlington said...

LOL! from casual puppy to classy pooch. I hope Santa brings him a sweater .