Monday, November 2, 2009

Neat nests!

Just thought I'd share a couple of pictures of wasp or yellow jacket nests taken in my yard. I couldn't find one of the pictures I was looking for, it was a nest in the middle of the apple tree, hidden by the leaves until they started falling!

The pictures of the pieces of nest are from the nest that you see pictured attached to the soffit (sp?) of our house. You wouldn't believe how secure it was to the surface of the soffit and it couldn't be removed in one piece. I kept a couple of pieces, they are fascinating to look at.

Last two pictures are of the nest currently at the back of the yard. I posted a picture last week that wasn't very close. These are better.  I'm wondering how it will survive the winter!
Click to enlarge the pictures

I took the above picture last year. Seems every year I have a nest to photograph!

Our current backyard nest.

Amazing work by those little pests!


Lisa Holtzman said...

Wow, the nests are incredible! I love love your domino and rummy tile pins and pendants, really great!! Thanks for your comments today : )

Susan said...

Hey Lucy, I don't know what it is, but wasps nests really are fascinating! What a lot of work it is to build for those little bitty wasps! Makes you want to go...hmmmmmmm!~ xx

vintagesusie said...

Cool nests although I don't know if I'd love having a wasp nests. My luck I'd get stung on the nose!!! LOL