Thursday, November 26, 2009

New tree stamp for domino pendants

I just last week received a couple of new stamps I ordered, I was just sooo wanting to do some bare branched trees! I had some inked backgrounds waiting. What do you think? I just love the look! There are also a few others I thought I'd share with you that I like....the smaller squarish ones are made with rummy tiles.....rummikub tiles?

These were a few I dropped off yesterday at the consignment shop......I had saved a picture that I found somewhere on the interenet quite awhile ago of a domino mounted on a card. I figured it out and for the shop I mount them as they are more easily displayed. The ones I make into pins I  pin onto the outside of a little organza bag. When they are hung, they sit nice and display well.
One of the many things I'm up to these days! Have to go out this evening to a surprise 40th anniversary party. I have to go dig around in my closet now for something to wear.
Hope all of you USA people are enjoying your holiday today.
Bye for now!


but I love how these turned out!!


Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Ohhhhh Lucy these are absolutely stunning, I truly love them!!! THey look gorgeous how you have them displayed too!
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog the other day and leaving your sweet comment dear friend. I always love to hear from you!!
Blessings to you always~
Love & Hugs, Carol Anne

vintagesusie said...

Oh Lucy, these are all so delightful!!! I love the new bare tree stamp. I've never stamped on any of my dominos before, but I would love to try sometime. It looks like you use alcohol ink as the background, which is what I do too...but just now I'm having a hard time making myself make them. This sounds so silly but I don't want to get my fingers dirty...isn't that nutty!! LOL

peggy gatto said...


lorhen82 said...

Lucy, these are just gorgeous! I love them all!!! ~Lori

Betty said...

wow!! love your domino pendants. They are beautiful!!

Chris Arlington said...

Fantabulous! Just gorgeous. I like rummikubs too because they are so light weight. But both of yours are gorgeous.

Jackie said...

Lucy, these are so beautiful! I amsure their wearers will love them.
One question, how do you afix the link at the top for the chain to go through?

Lucy said...

I use these bails and E6000 glue. Thanks for your lovely comments!

Jackie said...

Thanks for the info about the bails, Lucy.