Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Magpie on the Wasp Nest

If you look back in my blog, you'll see some better pictures that I took of the wasp nest high up in the trees at the back of the yard. Well, just as I'm about to rush out the door this afternoon, I see a magpie sitting right on top of the nest! So, run for the camera and just stood on the deck and took as many pictures as I could before he (she?) took off. My zoom is not quite long enough to get in as close as I would have liked.

The bird was pecking at the nest from above and below. I'm sure that nest will get alot of attention from the magpies, they are very strongly woven into the branches and will withstand alot of wind and weather before finally falling apart and to the ground.

There is also a big buck (male deer) hanging around at the back, always a little too far away for a picture, but I'll eventually get one I know! Have a great evening!


aBohemianMarket said...

Hi Lucy:
Thank you for coming by and saying hi; that is real neighborly of you
: )
I love the photo of the magpie and the wasp's nest.
You live right with nature and seeing deer is so cool.
The So Artful Challenge you did is really awesome. You are truly creative!!!
I like the photo of your Mom & Dad; they look Happy!!!
Glad to have met you : )

vintagesusie said...

Greetings friend,
You are always so sweet when you stop by my blog, thanks for being my friend! I love your photos of the magpie & nest, these would make great textures. I use Picasa to be able to zoom even closer to a subject, playing with opacity i could so see these in an art piece of yours. lovely pictures lucy, as usual!! Smiles...Susie