Thursday, July 29, 2010

Yummy handmade lace!

A couple of doilies I picked up at a garage sale. I never know what to call this type of handwork so I inquired on the Ebay Vintage Textiles discussion board. There are some really knowledgeable people on there that will help out. is HANDMADE......
can you believe it?
Where would you even begin to figure out how it's done??!!
I'm going to put them on ebay tonight.
My flower bed is weeded now, and looking better but I'm still missing alot of my taller perennials that froze out over the winter.
Bare spots........not a good gardening year....but the whole bed still looks good from my kitchen window!

Have a great day. I hope to visit and catch up with everyone in the next couple of days!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sunny Market Day...perfect! thought I posted this already, LOL!!

Made this post and was going to add to it, then got busy and forgot all about it!! That was Sunday!!
You can click to enlarge...........just put this together quickly, you can see it was a bright sunny, gorgeous day at the farmers market! ....unlike last week!
Kiera was doing her best to make some sales......which she did, lol....she negotiated a commission from me and is a great little salesgirl!........
Lots of people came out to enjoy the day, and we had the BEST buskers.......the guy with the guitar was a cross between Kenny Rogers and Johnny Cash!
.......there was also a family group that were playing old time music...fiddlin' and such!

Marilyn's little grandaughter couldn't resist dancing! She was so cute!...She came out with her mom to visit us and shop for some fresh beets to make a big pot of borscht....yummy!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday again, where did the week go?

.......the weeks fly by too fast! I can't believe it's already Friday and time to load up the car for the farmers market tomorrow!
 What did I do with my time this week?
Lots of different things that eat up the day in large and small bites!
Summertime is particularly busy and besides the ordinary house and garden things to do, I still like to do my Ebay selling, so washing and ironing linens is a regular item on my agenda.

Of course you've got to find them too, so a trip or two to the thrift shop and any garage sales I can find are in order. I try to stop at the thrift on the way to visit my mom at the nursing home. My sister and I make sure she gets a visit every second day, we alternate.

(this picture is  from an earlier post)
After the washing and the ironing, they have to be photographed, measured, weighed for shipping, then the listing has to be made up and finally listed! Why do I like doing this!?!?!?

Tonight, I was working on a couple of things, I was listing a "lot"......35 pieces...of linens, got it all done, thought I clicked on the button to schedule it to list later, I didn't!'s gone, I've got to do the whole blinkin' thing again!
Then I listed these beautiful lace curtains, mistake and I don't know what the heck happened but none of my description was there so had to end the auction .......uggghhhh...not my Ebay day today!

Doing the farmers market on Saturday mornings is lots of fun, so I've loaded up for an early start in the morning.
Earlier today I spent some time with my favorite grandaughter Kiera....
We had alot of fun, but it was weird.......We planned to go to the library, Kiera loves going there and hadn't been for a while, lots of summer things going on.

Well, we were going to garage sale on the way..........NOT ONE SIGN on the way there.....
We got to the library........CLOSED FOR RENOVATIONS!.....for the whole summer!

So .....we went to investigate a couple of neat shops near McDonalds....lunch! it's 1:00 p.m., warm sunny mid July day, so we head back home following my usual garage sale route. ONE sign.......for a sale on Saturday....but found a very junky sale on the same street.
I could NOT believe it! Garage sales in this city are mainly on a Saturday but in the warm summer weather there are usually a fair amount to go to on a Friday. NOT TODAY! It was so disappointing, we were so looking forward to treasure hunting together!

Best part of the day, Kiera's mom Sherri sent me these pictures, just as I was going to do this post.

Earlier in the summer

Visiting Joe earlier this week, celebrating his birthday. He was bobbing for apples and carrots and they'd decorated him with beads made by the breeder's mom and sang to him.
Jaxon had a haircut......I saw him today, his long curly locks are gone, but he's much cooler for the summer months, even if he looks a little strange!
Time for bed........have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New creations, Market day, Baby Robins have arrived!

What kept me busy part of last week was making these bobby pins! I've got alot of old buttons and odd earrings, so I thought I'd add to my display at the farmers market.
See that grey sky? Well it was not a great weather day, which kept alot of people away. Rained on and off, but luckily the huge downpour and lightning didn't happen until we were on the way home in early afternoon!
We now have an overhead canopy, which really helps out when the weather is threatening and also allows us to make our display larger and more inviting.
There's my sister, chatting it up with a couple of very nice ladies. The older lady bought a beautiful crochet doily from Marilyn and the younger one a crochet tablecloth from my. Our prices are great!

My table of domino pendants, a bit of vintage jewelry and my newest creations, the bobby pins. I still have to improve my display, I'm not happy with it as it is.

Now for the birth announcement!
There are now 3 tiny featherless baby robins in the one of the nests under my deck! The lone egg in the nest beside it is still unhatched.
When I went to look yesterday,  there were still 3 eggs in the one nest, but one was jiggling about! First thing you know, it broke open at one point and I actually SAW the baby robin wiggling his way out of the shell! It was so neat!
This morning there were 3!
I'll be watching that lone egg and hope for the best!
Have a great day, I'm behind on my visiting and hope to blog hop later today or this evening and catch up with all of you. Seems summer, everyone is busy!

Friday, July 16, 2010

We're expecting!! Still catching up!

In a previous post, I showed how some robins had built six nests in a row on a beam under my deck. Well, at least a month went by and no nesters! So, I hung out a vacancy sign.......see a more recent previous post below.... and lo and behold!
One egg in one nest, and beside it there are three in another nest!!......Only one set of parents, so I don't know what will happen, whether they will abandon one of the nests or not!
I'll get pictures of the babies when they arrive!

The flower bed is slowly filling in, it's a funny summer for weather! I'm missing alot of my perennials that froze out over the winter, as we didn't get enough snow cover.
I took these pics about a week ago, so it's filled out a bit more since.
Good news is that the bunnies have slowed down, and although I won't have beans and carrots, they have left the lettuce alone and it is so yummy!
A really strange gardening year, so I'm just being thankful for what is growing and producing. Can't wait for those first baby potatoes!

Summertime is so busy! I always keep busy at any time of the year, but add to the regular "busy" the gardening, garage sales, golf, and my sister Marilyn and I just had our first day at the farmers market at Pineridge Hollow selling vintage linens and my domino art jewellery, which I try to find time to keep up a good supply!
The car is packed up for the market tomorrow, I must remember my camera so I can show you some pictures. I did post some last year when I first started the blog, and this year we are looking so much better as we have a canopy covering and can set up a much more eyecatching display.

We did great last week and hoping for a good day tomorrow.
Now I must go and visit......I have not been logging in  and have alot of visiting to do!
So happy to be back posting!


Reunion is over and I'm finally blogging!

Wow! I haven't blogged since before going to Grand Forks, ND on a girls getaway, and then there was the family reunion and all that went with it!
The above picture is my paternal grandparents on their wedding day.
They had a large family, my dad being one of the children.
The reunion was wonderful and we hope to do it again in another 5 years or so in a different province.

There they are again, on the farm in Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba, years later.
Driving down the highway nearby, on my way to visit my mom at the nursing home, I had to stop and take a picture of the wild clover alongside the road in in the ditches......We have had so much rain this summer and I've never seen the clover in such profusion or so large.
yellow, purple, pink, white! and it all smells soooo sweet!
I'm going to do another post shortly and catch up a bit more!