Friday, July 16, 2010

We're expecting!! Still catching up!

In a previous post, I showed how some robins had built six nests in a row on a beam under my deck. Well, at least a month went by and no nesters! So, I hung out a vacancy sign.......see a more recent previous post below.... and lo and behold!
One egg in one nest, and beside it there are three in another nest!!......Only one set of parents, so I don't know what will happen, whether they will abandon one of the nests or not!
I'll get pictures of the babies when they arrive!

The flower bed is slowly filling in, it's a funny summer for weather! I'm missing alot of my perennials that froze out over the winter, as we didn't get enough snow cover.
I took these pics about a week ago, so it's filled out a bit more since.
Good news is that the bunnies have slowed down, and although I won't have beans and carrots, they have left the lettuce alone and it is so yummy!
A really strange gardening year, so I'm just being thankful for what is growing and producing. Can't wait for those first baby potatoes!

Summertime is so busy! I always keep busy at any time of the year, but add to the regular "busy" the gardening, garage sales, golf, and my sister Marilyn and I just had our first day at the farmers market at Pineridge Hollow selling vintage linens and my domino art jewellery, which I try to find time to keep up a good supply!
The car is packed up for the market tomorrow, I must remember my camera so I can show you some pictures. I did post some last year when I first started the blog, and this year we are looking so much better as we have a canopy covering and can set up a much more eyecatching display.

We did great last week and hoping for a good day tomorrow.
Now I must go and visit......I have not been logging in  and have alot of visiting to do!
So happy to be back posting!



A Treasured Past said...

Hi Lucy,

thanks for visiting my little blog all the way from Canada and the warm welcome :) it is much appreciated.

Love the little nests, we have a gorgeous blue Fairy Wren that comes to stay every Spring..the kids call him bluey and he often taps on our loungeroom window while he is collecting bugs.

Have a great day, Tamara

Anonymous said...

Hi Little Lucy..I can see that your thumb is still as green as ever dispite the weather. Gorgeous Garden..I feel that I am there just looking at your photos! luv, Abbie

Tamarah said...

Hello Lucy.... :o) !!!

I hope this note finds you well lovey....I hope ALL of the eggs hatch....I don't suppose it is a good thing to 'muddle with nature' but it will be such a shame if the lone egg doesn't make it.... :o( !

On a BRIGHTER note I'm GLAD those pesky rabits have slowed their incessant munching on your garden....hahahahaha....Cute little BUGGERS.... :o) !!

I hope you had a GREAT day at the Market....Can't wait to see you pics....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Sweet and clear pictures! Thanks for sharing them with us!