Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday again, where did the week go?

.......the weeks fly by too fast! I can't believe it's already Friday and time to load up the car for the farmers market tomorrow!
 What did I do with my time this week?
Lots of different things that eat up the day in large and small bites!
Summertime is particularly busy and besides the ordinary house and garden things to do, I still like to do my Ebay selling, so washing and ironing linens is a regular item on my agenda.

Of course you've got to find them too, so a trip or two to the thrift shop and any garage sales I can find are in order. I try to stop at the thrift on the way to visit my mom at the nursing home. My sister and I make sure she gets a visit every second day, we alternate.

(this picture is  from an earlier post)
After the washing and the ironing, they have to be photographed, measured, weighed for shipping, then the listing has to be made up and finally listed! Why do I like doing this!?!?!?

Tonight, I was working on a couple of things, I was listing a "lot"......35 pieces...of linens, got it all done, thought I clicked on the button to schedule it to list later, I didn't!'s gone, I've got to do the whole blinkin' thing again!
Then I listed these beautiful lace curtains, mistake and I don't know what the heck happened but none of my description was there so had to end the auction .......uggghhhh...not my Ebay day today!

Doing the farmers market on Saturday mornings is lots of fun, so I've loaded up for an early start in the morning.
Earlier today I spent some time with my favorite grandaughter Kiera....
We had alot of fun, but it was weird.......We planned to go to the library, Kiera loves going there and hadn't been for a while, lots of summer things going on.

Well, we were going to garage sale on the way..........NOT ONE SIGN on the way there.....
We got to the library........CLOSED FOR RENOVATIONS!.....for the whole summer!

So .....we went to investigate a couple of neat shops near McDonalds....lunch! it's 1:00 p.m., warm sunny mid July day, so we head back home following my usual garage sale route. ONE sign.......for a sale on Saturday....but found a very junky sale on the same street.
I could NOT believe it! Garage sales in this city are mainly on a Saturday but in the warm summer weather there are usually a fair amount to go to on a Friday. NOT TODAY! It was so disappointing, we were so looking forward to treasure hunting together!

Best part of the day, Kiera's mom Sherri sent me these pictures, just as I was going to do this post.

Earlier in the summer

Visiting Joe earlier this week, celebrating his birthday. He was bobbing for apples and carrots and they'd decorated him with beads made by the breeder's mom and sang to him.
Jaxon had a haircut......I saw him today, his long curly locks are gone, but he's much cooler for the summer months, even if he looks a little strange!
Time for bed........have a great weekend!


Susan HP said...

Sorry that you couldn't find more sales. :(
Love the linen, and Jax looks so handsome. :)
Happy weekend shopping!!!

A Treasured Past said...

Hi Lucy, love the lace curtain with the sweet, Tamara

vintagesusie & wings said...

Sounds like a busy one Miss Lucy, but at least Kiera was with you to keep you company on your search!
I agree...where does the time go?
The older I get, the faster it goes. If I'm not careful & get lost in blogland in the morning, I can look up & it can be late afternoon in what seems like a blink. Kinda scarey, right/

Lynn said...

Hi Lucy, thank you for visiting me. I love vintage linens and for a while I sold them on Etsy but I never had enough time to create so I gave it up. I think I know your ebay name, I must have you in my favorites or something but I rarely shop there anymore.
Too bad the garage sales were non existent, the weather has been so hot here too in Ontario, a lot of people are staying cool inside I think.
Hope to visit again soon,

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

So nice of you to visit my Magpie's Nest Lucy. Thank you for your nice comment. It was a great way to find your lovely blog.
Fun to see some of what we have in common too: nature, creating, even swans :) I admire your digital artwork, that is not in my realm!
Your canning pics are inspirational too ... yummy!