Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New creations, Market day, Baby Robins have arrived!

What kept me busy part of last week was making these bobby pins! I've got alot of old buttons and odd earrings, so I thought I'd add to my display at the farmers market.
See that grey sky? Well it was not a great weather day, which kept alot of people away. Rained on and off, but luckily the huge downpour and lightning didn't happen until we were on the way home in early afternoon!
We now have an overhead canopy, which really helps out when the weather is threatening and also allows us to make our display larger and more inviting.
There's my sister, chatting it up with a couple of very nice ladies. The older lady bought a beautiful crochet doily from Marilyn and the younger one a crochet tablecloth from my. Our prices are great!

My table of domino pendants, a bit of vintage jewelry and my newest creations, the bobby pins. I still have to improve my display, I'm not happy with it as it is.

Now for the birth announcement!
There are now 3 tiny featherless baby robins in the one of the nests under my deck! The lone egg in the nest beside it is still unhatched.
When I went to look yesterday,  there were still 3 eggs in the one nest, but one was jiggling about! First thing you know, it broke open at one point and I actually SAW the baby robin wiggling his way out of the shell! It was so neat!
This morning there were 3!
I'll be watching that lone egg and hope for the best!
Have a great day, I'm behind on my visiting and hope to blog hop later today or this evening and catch up with all of you. Seems summer, everyone is busy!


Tamarah said...

Morning Lucy.... :o) !!

I'm sorry the weather was n't the best for the Market....!! LOVE your bobby pins what a GREAT idea to use buttons.....hmmmmmm....YOu've got me thinking....I wear my hair short & COLLECT bakelite buttons in reds & yellows that unfortunately, just live in a jar....Perhaps I can use some of them to make some too.... :o) !! I'll send you some pics if I give it a go....!!

How LUCKY were you to be there at the VERY MOMENT the baby bird made it's way into the world....I think I would have cried....I have my fingers crossed for the lone egg....!!!!

Cheers for now lovey,
Tamarah :o)

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Lucy, thanks for stopping by! Congratulations on your baby birds, what fun. I didn't know you did linen, I love linen and it is my biggest seller in my antiques booth.


Anonymous said...

Your display looks lovely! I know your linens are the best having many of them in my own home. Looks like a lovely way to spend a 'gray' Saturday! Hugs, Abbie

vintagesusie & wings said...

Love your new creations Lucy!!!
You know I have a thing for old buttons too..I add them to everything!
& Congrats on the baby robins, I can't wait for your photo pictorial! lol
Big Smiles,

becky up the hill said...

Your booth was beautiful. Love the baby robin story and those beautiful eggs! Keep us posted!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Lucy, I am delighted you stopped by The Vintage Nest. I hope you will visit often. I see where you love altered art. There's an altered art party next Friday at the French Cupboard blog. It's on my blog sidebar. Just click on the banner for more info. and to sign up. It will be fun. Sorry the weather didn't co-operate for you but hope you all did well. I love your bobby pins! Have a super great weekend. ~ Lynn

Ragamuffin Gal said...

I would have loved to come to your sale! It looks like it had a lot of the things I love! How fun! Lucy, you do so many cool things.
~ Katie