Friday, October 15, 2010

Down on the farm, my recent trip

We had to take a trip to Saskatchewan last week, an old auntie (93) who lives on her own and has no closeby relatives needed some help after having a mild heart attack.
We took her home from the hospital after a few days, and stayed to make sure she was alright. She lives in a small town, and 20 miles away we visited some other relatives out on the farm.
We love going there, I always take alot of pictures, more of the animals than people I'm afraid! I won't bore you with them, just give you a small taste of where we were.
I made a friend......this little calf wandered around freely during the day, coming right up to the house. His mama couldn't feed him so he was kept separated and "pail" fed. He wasn't shy at all!...(the rest of the cattle are roming over acres and acres of land adjoining the farm property)
Across the road from where we stay, our hosts had purchased this property, complete with the buildings, as more farmland for planting their grain crops. The old house and buildings were left standing, and have sadly fallen into decay. It's fun to roam around there and try to imagine what it was like when the original owners lived there and farmed and brought up their children.
Year by year the buildings tumble a little bit more.
We have wondered around inside this old farmhouse, a number of years ago. It is getting to dangerous to go walking through it now.....rotten floors, etc. What a shame......
That is a huge old barn,  I can't imagine how old it is!
Another old outbuilding
I zoomed in on this bald eagle...I've never seen one in real life before!
The weather was beautiful throughout our trip, wildflowers still blooming!
Going back across the road, where the cousins live way over behind that clump of trees.
Caught some great sunset pictures out the back of the farm
In another direction the  new moon was just rising.
I had to put this one in too........another abandoned little house caught when we stopped at the side of the highway on our way.
I wish I had had more time to drive around the farming area and take more pictures, there are so many abandoned old houses and barns. Maybe next year.
Next post I will be some of my garage sale treasures. Those last 2 sales I went to (see previous posts) were just too fabulous!

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Maureen said...

What a wonderful way to spend a day! I love barns - they just intrigue me.