Thursday, October 21, 2010

Catching up, last weekend fun!

Did you say it's already Thursday? ...we're almost at the weekend again?
I still haven't filled you in on my last weekend.
No great finds at the garage sales, there weren't many at all, it's getting pretty late in the season.
I had my 9 year old grandaughter Kiera overnight on Saturday and we spent the day together on Sunday.
There she is, at it again! She likes to redress my dressform.....I still haven't fixed her so that she stands more than a few feet tall, but she got lowered by Kiera a while back, it makes it easier for her to dress her!
It's Thursday and she's still dressed as she was left on Sunday.....not exactly how I like her to look, but I'll leave here in missy K's designer look for now.
Sunday afternoon, we picked up my youngest from her apartment near downtown Winnipeg and went to THE FORKS!......I hadn't been there for ages! Old buildings and new, transformed into shops, restaurants, boutiques....lots and lots to do and see there.
It is backed by the Red River........there are docks and a river walk, you can come skating or hiking down the river in the winter. (not for me, thankyou)

We spent a few hours browsing the shops, then stopped at a little place for some delicious fish and chips before one last trip to the candy store, then home!

That is the old railroad station.....the Forks is built up on acres and acres behind it. Downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba......I really should get downtown more often,
I caught this picture after getting home, it's a zoom in of blackbirds in the trees out the back.
Next post will show you more garage sale treasures from a couple of weeks ago!

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vintagesusie & wings said...

I know a good candy store when I see it...yummy!!! Looks like a fun time was had by all & I love the picture of the blackbirds in the tree, perfect for Halloweeeenie!
Hugs Friend,
Stay Warm...