Sunday, October 31, 2010

A few more treasures to show you

Halloween is over for another year! I was completely cleaned out of treats and had to shut off the lights earlier than I would have liked.  They came in droves! Lots of the bigger kids in groups of 5 or 7. ALL of them were very friendly and polite, and they ALL said thankyou!

I am still coming across things I tucked away from those two end of season garage sales that yielded so many goodies! I have been busy too, and the days just fly by with my good intentions of posting just flying right by with them!

Do you love this? A heavy cast old mailbox! With a fleur de lis!

Wonderfully shabby french!
Old style, open at the back, to be fastened to the wall,
The lid at the top flips up for the mailman to deposit the mail, the front piece flips up for you to remove the mail, after you remove your lock!
I'm trying to remember the last time I ever saw one of these in use!
A Seth Thomas marble mantle clock.....older electric...
Not shown to advantage, but the neatest heavy cast metal soap dish? I think that's what it is but could be wrong. Too cool!
All of the above came from the hoarder's garage sale.
I'm happy to say that this snow that we woke up to on Saturday is now gone! Hopefully we won't see the white stuff for at least a couple of weeks!
Another busy week ahead...I am hoping to do something creative at some point this week, at least that's what I say now!
I'll be back with some more finds soon.
Have a great week!


The Polka Dot Closet said...

Lucy....SNOW!!! YUKK! Believe it or not it is still hot here in Orlando we are eagerly anticipating Fall. that mail box is a treasure! I love the clock also, I hate setting the alarm on my digital clock, i think i will just get a good old wind up.


" SHABBY JUNK" said...

I have 4 old mailboxes so far. I really like yours with the fleur design on front.

Chris said...

What lovely finds! I know somebody that would really love that mailbox. I can't remember her blog exactly but I'll send her your link. SNOW!!!! already? I think we are headed for a big one this year. Can't keep the feeders full. Need an air traffic controller for the birds.
Hugs, Chris

Susan HP said...

Looooooove the mailbox! Reminds me of old New Orleans! You always seem to find the most beautiful things.
And snow! WOW! I've only seen snow here twice in 20 years, and the 2nd time it lasted about 6 hours. :)

Maureen said...

Ohhhhh......the thrill of the hunt.....good shopping! The mailbox and clock are both awesome.

vintagesusie & wings said...

1st, I LOVE the mailbox!!!! And snow all ready, uckkkkyyyyy. I only say that cuz that means we'll be getting snow next & I don't want it to come...ever! When will you guys be headin to AZ??? I wish we did that every winter...that's my goal, to get Robert use to the idea of being out of here for most of the winter. A girl can always dream, right???
Hugs Friend,