Friday, January 22, 2010

Soartful Challenge POGONIP (FROST)

frosty sisters.....
LOL! I thought I'd better get this submitted as it is already Friday! I have not used my photoshop for the last few weeks, being busy getting ready to escape here to Arizona and the travelling, etc.

I had already made one collage using the image provided and I have NO IDEA where it disappeared to!! I'm sure I saved it to my Soartful folder!........gone!!
Being new at it I have forgotten some of what I've will come back and I'm always learning something else as I fool around trying to create. Backgrounds of pogonip are what my daughter back in Canada took pictures of a couple of days ago. Ladies and pets are from iTkUpiLLi and Elegia's freebie sheets. They are both so generous....go look at link in sidebar.

Please read more about Pogonip here.
Soartful Challenge

...the one below I like as well but while fooling around I put that funny frame thing around it and couldn't get rid of it!


Jeanette said...

Lucy, Both of these are terrific. So I'm taking them both for the sidebar gallery. The ladies are so regal standing there in the snow with little white rabbit. I like the poodle in the 2nd too. The swirls in the background are perfect. I don't know how you did the background in the 2nd one, maybe close up of branches, anyway I like it and the blue shading. Darn, I just love um.

Thanks for being Soartful. Enjoy
your stay in Arizona. There is some beautiful country down there.


peggy gatto said...

Wonderful and the lady looks a little frosty too!!

Debby said...

Hi Lucy, I love what you have created for this challenge.