Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm in Arizona now!

I took this picture as the sun was setting on some flat land northeast of Payson AZ. We made the last of our journey in the dark, a little nerve wracking as it gets very mountainous and curvy closer to Payson and just beyond, although it does not seem to affect anyone as far as speed limit goes!
I took tons of pictures on the way, but I wouldn't want to bore you so will just post the one.
We had good weather all the way down from Canada although we could see where in some places in Nebraska they had waaaay more snow than what we left behind! Fortunately it had come before we had hit the road for our trip!
We did have a few all ready to hop in the car and go and couldn't set the burglar pulled over at the border coming into the USA (they seemed to be doing it to everyone that morning!)....they took away our homegrown potatoes and garlic!!! Potatoes have to be commercially grown and bagged with labelling, garlic must be processed!!........Then as we approached Denver, CO, we missed a turnoff, got on and off a toll highway several times which we will probably receive a huge bill for, but  finally got on the right track when hubby finally stopped and asked directions ...y'all know what men are like about asking directions! So we did see a little more of the outskirts of Denver than we really had intended on!
We will make sure we have a better map if we do that route again!
Just settling in now, it takes a bit of getting used to. It's going to be a dreary and rainy week, but that's ok!
There is plenty of sunshine to come....and you don't have to shovel rain!!
I can't leave without showing you a couple of pictures I received in the email this morning from daughter Sherri. My grandaughter KIERA plays ringette and they were in a tournament this last week and weekend and THEY WON!!.........She was sooo excited! She is the sweetie on the left in the picture below.

Congratulations to the whole team!

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vintagesusie said...

Sweet Miss Lucy,
The snowbirds have arrived...yeahhhhh!!! So sorry about the potatoes & garlic though, you'd think the US would have bigger problems to worry about then terrorists or something, right. lol :0 Congrats to Keira, how exciting for her & her teammates & for Grandma. She must really miss you when you're away so long, but it makes the coming together even sweeter! Keep the sunsets coming, you'll have them wholesale in AZ. Have fun & talk soon..
Smiles & Hugs,