Monday, September 5, 2011

Garage Sale Treasure

Hi there! A couple of really great finds from my spring hunting at garage sales. This wonderfully shabby green wicker chair was a steal at 7.00!! It is big and comfy and I love it but haven't got a spot for it so I'm giving it to a friend for a display piece in her commercial greenhouse.

80's? Dusty rose settee, too cute, it's been in my house all summer, but now has gone over to the Red Barn for our upcoming sale at the end of the month. A bargain again at 25.00...........oh, those spring garage sales were good! Not much all summer, not in my end of town anyway!
Have a great day!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

A few good finds!

Not much time to blog, but it's not too time consuming to show you a few pictures. I am forever taking pictures, so here's a few of some treasures I've found. 
This nice and very colorful log cabin quilt I picked up at a favorite thrift shop a week ago. Sold today at the farmers market! 


Yummiest Irish Crochet collar, I bought this in June and it now resides in  England (Ebay). A beautiful old piece, you don't find this type of work too often. I should have kept it, but.......

Look at that work!
Have a great weekend!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Yes, it's me. Happy Summer all of you in blogland!

I can't explain! I just got away from the blogging when it got too busy and never got back at it!
I must say I admire all of you gals that I can see are extremely busy with what you do, but still manage to blog!
I have been dashing in and out of some of your blogs for pure pleasure in spare moments.
So, hello again to all my bloggie friends, and I will try and post here and there, not on a regular basis though, I just can't find too much time! Hope to be back sooner rather than later!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Merry Christmas and I'm still here after no blogging for 5 weeks!!

I have not logged into my blog since Halloween!!
In the last month I have peeked at a couple of my fave blogs, and read a couple of posts.
that's it!
Explanation if you have a minute.
Life around here has been extra sister has a very sick grandbaby that has been hospitalized for over a month. We hope and pray she is now on the road to recovery. She's only just over 3 months old. My sis has been run off of her feet with helping with the other grandchildren in the family while her daughter and husband have been spending most of their time at the hospital.
My sis and I split time going to visit my mom at the nursing home and as a result, I've been trying to make up her visits, so that has taken some of my time up lately.
One of my 3 daughters and her son have moved in temporarily (2-1/2 weeks now) while they wait for renovations to be completed on the house they will be renting (5 minutes away from me....yaay!!)
I am enjoying having them here, but it also means more and bigger meals to cook and more visiting and enjoying the chit chat ...
I'm still trying to keep up with my ebay sales, so that eats up time too.
I have lots to do before Christmas and with what is going on here I don't know when I'll be posting again
Merry Christmas
to all!
and have safe and happy holidays.
My "Noel" is a digital collage I made probably around this time last year.
ttfn (ta ta for now)
(hoping to get around to some blogs to visit although I don't expect to be posting)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

A few more treasures to show you

Halloween is over for another year! I was completely cleaned out of treats and had to shut off the lights earlier than I would have liked.  They came in droves! Lots of the bigger kids in groups of 5 or 7. ALL of them were very friendly and polite, and they ALL said thankyou!

I am still coming across things I tucked away from those two end of season garage sales that yielded so many goodies! I have been busy too, and the days just fly by with my good intentions of posting just flying right by with them!

Do you love this? A heavy cast old mailbox! With a fleur de lis!

Wonderfully shabby french!
Old style, open at the back, to be fastened to the wall,
The lid at the top flips up for the mailman to deposit the mail, the front piece flips up for you to remove the mail, after you remove your lock!
I'm trying to remember the last time I ever saw one of these in use!
A Seth Thomas marble mantle clock.....older electric...
Not shown to advantage, but the neatest heavy cast metal soap dish? I think that's what it is but could be wrong. Too cool!
All of the above came from the hoarder's garage sale.
I'm happy to say that this snow that we woke up to on Saturday is now gone! Hopefully we won't see the white stuff for at least a couple of weeks!
Another busy week ahead...I am hoping to do something creative at some point this week, at least that's what I say now!
I'll be back with some more finds soon.
Have a great week!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Catching up on showing you my finds

Zero-ing in on a few more recent finds.
The sweetest old baby feeding dish from England....check out that golliwog riding the wooden horse! Too cute!

Lots of glass and china, cheap, cheap, cheap!!
A vintage gameboard, snakes and ladders type with neat graphics!
Old cookbooks (I love looking through them) and old music book
A beautiful amethyst glass footed bowl.
Saved from the garbage, looks like this came from an order for a watch. Love the old handwriting!
I don't think I showed you this batch of buttons
This gorgeous iridescent art glass lampshade was in a box of junk. A very "good" piece, so I did well with the resale on Ebay.

Some of the old silver pieces, sitting on the most delicious pink depression glass platter.
I'm saying goodnight with a beautiful sunrise picture from Tuesday morning. From my deck, it was spectacular!
Goodnight all!

Catching up, last weekend fun!

Did you say it's already Thursday? ...we're almost at the weekend again?
I still haven't filled you in on my last weekend.
No great finds at the garage sales, there weren't many at all, it's getting pretty late in the season.
I had my 9 year old grandaughter Kiera overnight on Saturday and we spent the day together on Sunday.
There she is, at it again! She likes to redress my dressform.....I still haven't fixed her so that she stands more than a few feet tall, but she got lowered by Kiera a while back, it makes it easier for her to dress her!
It's Thursday and she's still dressed as she was left on Sunday.....not exactly how I like her to look, but I'll leave here in missy K's designer look for now.
Sunday afternoon, we picked up my youngest from her apartment near downtown Winnipeg and went to THE FORKS!......I hadn't been there for ages! Old buildings and new, transformed into shops, restaurants, boutiques....lots and lots to do and see there.
It is backed by the Red River........there are docks and a river walk, you can come skating or hiking down the river in the winter. (not for me, thankyou)

We spent a few hours browsing the shops, then stopped at a little place for some delicious fish and chips before one last trip to the candy store, then home!

That is the old railroad station.....the Forks is built up on acres and acres behind it. Downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba......I really should get downtown more often,
I caught this picture after getting home, it's a zoom in of blackbirds in the trees out the back.
Next post will show you more garage sale treasures from a couple of weeks ago!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Garage Sale Treasures to show you

Those last 2 lucky Saturdays I had with the estate sale and the hoarder's garage sale came at a busy time and I had so much more to show you than what was posted.
 I'm going to try and get some pictures taken and show you bit by bit over the next week or so some of the treasures I gathered .
I had to start off with these sweet bone china floral bouquets,  which were NOT from those two sales, but I wanted to show you that I now have a "collection" of them. The little vintage picture in frame was from one of the last two sales.
The beautiful Weiss rhinestone set from the estate sale. It is the most gorgeous deep blue On Ebay right now.
From the hoarders sale, this beautiful footed glass dish with lid on the center part and little dividers at each end. Anybody know what it was for? It must have had a purpose....
Center compact is a bit rough, the others perfect and soooo pretty! ...from the hoarder's
Well, I don't think this is what the dish was for but it works!!
A ballerina alarm clock......I hated to sell it but I did,,,,on Ebay, I had a couple of auctions running while I was away and it was a quick and easy one to put on.......When the alarm goes off the ballerina twirls and instead of a bell it plays a tune, sounds like a music box. Well, it's on its way to California right now!
Silver...........and there's more, in another post. The two on the right have been cleaned, they look lovely!
2 Roseville Pottery vases...each has a chip, but I didn't care as I only paid a couple of dollars each. The pressed carnival glass spooner in the middle was a the free box, it has a little chip I can live with and the price was right!......cutest little scottish terrier, cast metal.... all from the estate sale
ok.......this was too creeepy....I sold it at the Red Barn sale to a fella that was going to separate the pelts and mount them on a wall along with his other taxidermy pieces. I can't imagine wearing this...they had little feet and tails...ugh...from the estate sale...
This beautiful crochet tablecloth was a freebie....thrown in for nothing (I was a good customer :)! I'm just putting on Ebay tonight.
$1.00 old petticoat, two layers at the bottom, I love these old lingerie items.
Another sweet linen.........on Ebay now.....
Just pressed this one up too, and listed it on Ebay
Don't you just love redwork embroidery? on Ebay too..
Stepping away from the pretties, the aqua fan was a real score from the hoarder's g sale.......I love it!! I'm going to clean it up and it will reside with me until the Red Barn Sale in the spring. It works beautifully too!

As for the graniteware plate, I've not had a green one yet, and that old metal trowel will find a place with my
garden tools. I have one exactly the same and it is my favorite, strong and sturdy and comfy to work with!

I just about forgot.....these two huge rolls of lingerie pink, one blue!!.......I have to take my Etsy shop off of vacation and get the lace up for sale there, by the yard or something...

Well, that's all for now, I have to gather and photograph some more from those two sales. It is kind of spread out around the house, some still in boxes.
Tomorrow is Saturday..........the weather is holding so there will be a few sales.....I wonder if my luck will hold?
Have a great weekend and happy treasure hunting, and whatever else you will be doing!
I'm hoping to drop in for a visit to your blogs soon, I've missed so much this last while!

Down on the farm, my recent trip

We had to take a trip to Saskatchewan last week, an old auntie (93) who lives on her own and has no closeby relatives needed some help after having a mild heart attack.
We took her home from the hospital after a few days, and stayed to make sure she was alright. She lives in a small town, and 20 miles away we visited some other relatives out on the farm.
We love going there, I always take alot of pictures, more of the animals than people I'm afraid! I won't bore you with them, just give you a small taste of where we were.
I made a friend......this little calf wandered around freely during the day, coming right up to the house. His mama couldn't feed him so he was kept separated and "pail" fed. He wasn't shy at all!...(the rest of the cattle are roming over acres and acres of land adjoining the farm property)
Across the road from where we stay, our hosts had purchased this property, complete with the buildings, as more farmland for planting their grain crops. The old house and buildings were left standing, and have sadly fallen into decay. It's fun to roam around there and try to imagine what it was like when the original owners lived there and farmed and brought up their children.
Year by year the buildings tumble a little bit more.
We have wondered around inside this old farmhouse, a number of years ago. It is getting to dangerous to go walking through it now.....rotten floors, etc. What a shame......
That is a huge old barn,  I can't imagine how old it is!
Another old outbuilding
I zoomed in on this bald eagle...I've never seen one in real life before!
The weather was beautiful throughout our trip, wildflowers still blooming!
Going back across the road, where the cousins live way over behind that clump of trees.
Caught some great sunset pictures out the back of the farm
In another direction the  new moon was just rising.
I had to put this one in too........another abandoned little house caught when we stopped at the side of the highway on our way.
I wish I had had more time to drive around the farming area and take more pictures, there are so many abandoned old houses and barns. Maybe next year.
Next post I will be some of my garage sale treasures. Those last 2 sales I went to (see previous posts) were just too fabulous!