Friday, March 19, 2010

Out to tea and estate sale too!

Diane, Lucy, Millie (that is a life size figure of a butler, he sure looks real!)
What a fun day! Millie and I were meeting up with a good friend of mine from home in Canada, Diane.  She and her hubby are also snowbirds and we always meet up a couple of times to go and have lunch and maybe browse an antique mall.
Today we just had lunch at our favorite tearoom in Mesa. .....Yummy, yummy lunch and we must have drank 6 pots of tea! We caught up with each other and had a great time.
On the way, Millie and I went to an estate of those "professional" ones. The prices were sky high as per usual the first day, but I'm going back for some linens tomorrow as they usually put everything on at half price the second or last day. A few things caught my eye and  I was happy to see any vintage linens at all! I did pay the price for 3 sweet items today and will post pictures when they are washed and ironed.

Garage sales tomorrow.........hoping for some goodies, if not we'll have a fun time anyways!


vintagesusie said...

Fun, fun, fun!!!! I'd love to go to tea with you & your friends!!! And an estate sale, what a perfect weekend. Have fun & score those linens for half off...

Tamarah said...

Hello over there Lucy....!

THANK YOU for dropping by it was LOVELY to hear from you...!! I've just added you to my lists & look forward to reading about your Treasures....!

Speaking of which....I ADORE the sweet vintage baby clothes you found & I LOVE the glass jars....I collect these myself & have them in my work room filled with everything from wooden cotton reels to vintage childrens blocks & mercury glass ornaments....Oh & I have them in the kitchen too....VERY versatile pieces....!

Must away....The work day beckons...bleckkkkkkk....!!

Tamarah :o)

iluvmath_3 said...

Gosh How in the world did i miss that butler!!! Wow amazing!!!!