Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A beautiful Arizona Day Pictures

I was home most of the day and what a beautiful day! Warm, sunny, blue sky! I kept going outside on the patio and it seems every bird around was singing! This one, a quail, has a really weird little song! I took this picture of him/her up on a tree branch........they aren't usually sitting up on a branch, I see them mostly on the ground, sometimes with a brood of babies following behind....they're beautiful!
My first shot of the quail, I didn't want to get too close and scare it off!
Doves.......I hear them all the time, cooing just outside sitting on the block wall.......
A huge raven/crow?......My friend Millie and I often go and pick up a coffee around 4 in the afternoon at the Circle K at the corner and go for a little scenic ride, or just park up the road to look at the mountain while we yak!
Today we went up toward the Superstition Mountains, rode around in the foothills, stopping to take pictures.
This picture was taken just up the hill on my street where we parked for the lovely view.
The desert floor is filling in with GREEN......soon the wildflowers will bloom....thanks to all the rain we've had during this Arizona winter, more than usual!
Cholla cactus........Beautiful to look at, but don't get to close.......very painful !!
We pulled off the road at one of the higher points on one of the roads we were on...what a view...!
Looking down from where we were parked ....just another angle of the view.....So GREEN....the mountains around the valley are all turning green as well........some will turn yellow with blooming wild flowers, I can't wait! There should be a really spectacular blooming of wild flowers on the desert and roadsides this year!
I should have taken pictures of some of the beautiful homes that we saw .....will do that next time
More desert and cactus.
More to come, I just can't get enough of the desert and the Superstition Mountains.


vintagesusie said...

Your photos are lovely as always Lucy!!! I love the quail, your right they are always on the ground followed by a little brood when I see them, it looks like your having a mavelous time in AZ!!! Wish I was there. Oh & your new digital piece is so cute & fun, well donefriend!

Anonymous said...

Hello Lucy ! thank you for these wonderful photos, it makes me travelling under other skies and forget the noisy streets, it's a song for nature ! I love it ! also thank you to follow my blog. Yesterday I've added your beautiful reading cat as link on Croquette a du Bol, very cute ! Have a lovely day !

simona said...

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You soon

Jan said...

Great the vintage and all the photo's :)