Sunday, February 14, 2010

Soartful Challenge and Arizona sunshine

I feel like I haven't blogged or done a challenge FOREVER! I played with this one and it really doesn't make too much sense, but then why should it if it is "out of this world!"
The image below is what we started with to do this

On to other things....the weather has turned absolutely gorgeous! We are supposed to be in the 70's all week! Garage saleing this last Saturday was so much more fun with the beautiful day we had!

And I spend a couple of hours by the pool in the afternoon too!
This afternoon, my BFF Millie and I grabbed a coffee to go and went a quarter mile up the road and parked at Prospector Park where we have a bit of a different view to soak up while we enjoy our coffee.
I didn't even realize there was a little birdie perched up on this big saguaro cactus until I uploaded the pictures to my computer! CLICK ON THE PICS TO ENLARGE
I'm sure I have a zillion pictures of the mountain. I just never tire of looking at it and taking pictures of it from different spots and angles.

Theres Millie, watching me taking pictures and soaking up the sun. She's sitting on her "baby". Her 1990 Nissan Maxima lives here year round in Arizona (Millie and husband Tate return to Oklahoma City in May). We put alot of miles on "baby" between garage sales, shopping, riding around taking pictures. She runs like a clock! ......even at 20 years old!
A beautiful Ocotillo cactus infringing on a saguaro. Did you know that it takes approximately 75 years for a saguaro cactus to sprout 1 arm? we know that although the cactus in the picture doesn't look too large, it is around 75 years does have the beginnings of an "arm".
They get really quite huge and live to be around 200 years old.
....did you know that?


Jeanette said...

I con't know what I enjoyed most...the cactus pictures or your 'out of this world' piece. I love the desert landscape.

Wings to fly is lovely with that precious cherub. I like the yellows with the blue. The text is so much fun how you have it scrolling down the side. Love it.

Thanks for being Soartful this week.


Femmy said...

fantastic creation!!

Cath Wilson said...

Had to come look at your Blog after you left a comment on mine - a name I didn't recognise, lol. Some lovely photos and some really inspirational work - love the current collage - gorgeous image. And don't you live in a beautiful part of the world? It's cold here in England at the moment and seems strange to see sunshine, though most of my family live in New Zealand and I should be getting used to it.

cornishmist - thats me ju x said...

Hi, loving your soartful design, and a cherub sailing on a butterfly would be out of this world lol great work, loving the sunny pics and the cactus amazing info too, was wondering are they bullet holes in the cactus or from the birds? from cold dull cornwall UK. ju x

Lucy said...

An info site put this better than I could have...."A saguaro with many holes in it has been visited by the Gila Woodpecker. The bird will drill several holes to get to the water stored inside. The saguaro seals off the hole with scar tissue to prevent water loss.
If the saguaro has a lot of holes in it and is located in the fairway of a popular golf course, that probably wasn't the woodpecker's fault!"

cornishmist - thats me ju x said...

Hi lucy, thanks for the info very interesting and very funny about the golf course, amazing how the birds reseal so the cactus doesnt suffer many thanks ju x

vintagesusie said...

I didn't know that & it's really interesting!!! I love AZ, can't wait to get back there sooooon! I love your 'Out of this World' digital art...bubbles are always fun to work with.
Take in some sun for me, :)

Amy said...

very pretty..cute!!! I love your 'wings to fly'..she's super sweet flying on her butterfly

Anonymous said...

Love your soartful piece and also the photos you shared Lucy. Have a lovely day my friend
hugs June xx