Tuesday, July 28, 2009

to market, to market

What fun we had last week at the Pineridge Hollow Farmers Market! There's my sister (right side) and I getting ready for a fun filled morning. Our vintage linens and my pendants. It's a great market, I meant to take more pictures but didn't so next Saturday morning I'll make sure I take a bunch!

Some of my pendants, you are seeing mostly the ones made from rummy tiles. I love their size.

Don't those linens look scrumptious? Posted by Picasa

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vintagesusie said...

Your pendants are amazing! I'm just starting making mine. If you have any good suggestions on what works best for you, I would love to know. I'm still a tiny bit intimated by mine...I've made about 10 so far. Visit me & let me know...I would love that!!! :)