Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Merry Christmas and I'm still here after no blogging for 5 weeks!!

I have not logged into my blog since Halloween!!
In the last month I have peeked at a couple of my fave blogs, and read a couple of posts.
that's it!
Explanation if you have a minute.
Life around here has been extra busy.....my sister has a very sick grandbaby that has been hospitalized for over a month. We hope and pray she is now on the road to recovery. She's only just over 3 months old. My sis has been run off of her feet with helping with the other grandchildren in the family while her daughter and husband have been spending most of their time at the hospital.
My sis and I split time going to visit my mom at the nursing home and as a result, I've been trying to make up her visits, so that has taken some of my time up lately.
One of my 3 daughters and her son have moved in temporarily (2-1/2 weeks now) while they wait for renovations to be completed on the house they will be renting (5 minutes away from me....yaay!!)
I am enjoying having them here, but it also means more and bigger meals to cook and more visiting and enjoying the chit chat ...
I'm still trying to keep up with my ebay sales, so that eats up time too.
I have lots to do before Christmas and with what is going on here I don't know when I'll be posting again
Merry Christmas
to all!
and have safe and happy holidays.
My "Noel" is a digital collage I made probably around this time last year.
ttfn (ta ta for now)
(hoping to get around to some blogs to visit although I don't expect to be posting)