Sunday, August 30, 2009

The sale was GREAT!!

We were ready!

Friday and Saturday all day, we sold loads of stuff!!!

We all brought more boxes full on Saturday, scrounging for more on Friday night even though we were all exhausted!

We had so many compliments on our sale as everything was clean and there was such a variety!

On Friday, grandaughter Kiera came to shop with her mom.....she loved Mona's crochet hats and I now have a portfolio of her modelling them!! She decided on the blue one withouth the peak.

We all thought she looked very spiffy in the red one, but she loved the blue! Somehow I've screwed up the picture alignment and don't have time to fix.??
We had loads of people arriving, some who were walking by, some on bikes, most in cars, and then there was this eccentric little guy that had built this CarCycle!!

He gave me a guided tour! Showed me all his accessories, like GPS, which was a city map! He was quite humorous!

He asked if I would send him pictures and gave me his address. He didn't want to be in the picture, and said his Car Cycle had been photographed plenty of times, but he didn't own a picture of it! I will get some printed and mail them to him.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

What a beautiful setting for our garage sale!

You can click to enlarge any of the pictures in the posts. The pictures are quite big when you do so,... I think I'd better re-set my camera!
Well, tomorrow I'll be up bright and early and headed to my friend Mona's for the big garage sale. I went there this afternoon to set up and only took a few pictures inside, it was still kind of cluttered up, so I'll get a few more pictures tomorrow.
Meanwhile.............Mona has one of the greenest thumbs around and her yard is just gorgeous! I took a few pictures of her flowers, will try and get more tomorrow too, she has some great displays in other parts of her yard.

This side bed would have been at its peak a couple of weeks ago, but it has a lovely mix of perennials and annuals to keep it going into the fall.

A planter Mona had custom made, it is made of rebar (spelling?), you know that heavy metal bumpy rod they put in with concrete for roads, driveways, etc?....Parsley and geraniums, an unusual but stunning combination.

Beautiful lilies!

This planter is HUGE, and always brimming with an assortment of colors.

A little piece of her deck, that's her own handpainting on the bench and the old boiler underneath.

She sure knows how to put together the colors and textures.

CLICK TO ENLARGE, just a few odd pics, more when I catch up in the next couple of days.

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Vintage Ladies Garage Sale

I'm off to help set up at our annual Vintage Ladies Garage Sale! My car is absolutely loaded!
It's us Red Barn Sale ladies that have this sale end of August each year to downsize our pile of goodies. There's really GREAT bargains, and we have lots of fun. We have it at one of the girl's homes in a great location for walk by and drive by traffic. Will get some pictures. Meanwhile, it will be a busy couple of days. We go all day Friday and Saturday.
In case you're around, it is held at
327 Leighton Avenue, 9 to 5, Aug. 28 and 29th.
That's in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.....sorry you're too far away to attend Sue and Jan, you'd love it!
Will post pics!
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm behind, here's partly why!

Rain, rain, but you still gotta get it out of the garden. Potatoes are huge, carrots are disgusting, too much rain and the potatoes are starting to rot some!!

This translated into 8 quarts of dills with enough left to make a batch of bread and butter pickles, was busy on a rainy day yesterday!

The sun was shining for the farmers market and we did well. Here is Marilyn on the right with her daughter Stacey, center, Grandaughter Rhianne, left, and in the stroller grandaughter Peyton. They were shopping for a new bonnet for Peyton.

There's a little area at the side of Pineridge Hollow with a few farm animals for the kids to look at. This goat loved his perch high and dry above his pen!

The king of the castle!!

These 2 pot bellied pigs were not so high and dry. They were wallowing, and I mean wallowing in the muck! I'm sure they loved it!! DON'T FORGET TO CLICK TO ENLARGE , on any of the pics, gives a much better view!

Got to get going, quickie post today. Preparing for the Vintage Ladies Garage Sale, this week at friend Mona's. More later on that but sadly we will miss going to the farmers market this weekend and they are having a special customer appreciation day with activities for the children and lots of fun going on!. The original date was , what else.....rained out! Get back to this bloggie later!

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

What do you think of these?

I picked up another neat game that has tiles that are the same size as scrabble tiles but each is supposed to be a playing card! Kiera and I were fooling around trying to make some scrabble tile earrings and I made the above! Of course she made me put them on and so I took off my real gold earrings that I wear all the time and were an expensive gift from my husband, put them down in the mess of stuff we were playing with, spotted them a half hour or so later and moved them so they wouldn't get lost. Next morning....uh-oh! Where are they??? I finally found them on the kitchen window sill, just behind my toothpick holder....wheh! what a relief!
Anyway, I'm going to try and get some going for the market on Saturday. It is raining buckets again right now but we are looking at a good forecast for Saturday. Glad I got the veggies and raspberries picked earlier today!
Let's hope they're right for a change!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dolly and Mabel - Painter's Retreat

I love this beautiful collage painting done by my talented cousin Sue. She is out in British Columbia in wine country and this is one of her creations. She called it Painter's Retreat. I'm not sure exactly how it is done, but a combination of acrylic painting and photo transfers using old family photos and other images that are copied/printed on transparencies and transferred to the painted surface of the canvas. A beautiful collage, I love the distressed look of the photo and the choice of colors. I was having a phone visit and we were talking about artsy stuff and I asked if she minded me posting some of her work. She doesn't mind so I thought I'd give you this bit of eye candy. It is my favorite!
This is an old photo of her husband Pete's mother Dolly, on the right, and Aunt Mabel in the background. We are guessing that this was one of those studio portraits, where they have the props and you pose for the picture. At first I was thinking OMG! Dolly was an artist too!..... but realized this must be "make believe" .
A closeup of the lovely Dolly
There's beautiful Mabel. I would think, but don't know for sure, that the picture was taking in the 1920's......? Sue? do you know?

Golf this evening

I'm planning on going even though Environment Canada has issued a tornado watch!!!!!!! Raining now but hoping it will blow through by 6.00 p.m. tee time. Then again ....IT'S ALL ABOUT THE FOOD!!! partner Maggie always phones to find out what the buffet will be and emails us. Tonight will be stuffed pork loin, meatballs, scalloped potates, various salads, veggies, etc. and we don't know what kind of dessert, but it will be delicious.!!
Well, to update you, by the time I got there, they had received a huge dumping of rain on that side of the river and it was cancelled. They were waiting for another band of bad stuff to come through. golf, no buffet, just a coffee with a few girls and some nice chat and headed for home.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lucky Thrift Shop Buy

I'm double posting today, see below. On the way to visiting Mom today I made a quick visit to one of the thrift stores I go to once in awhile. Most times I come out empty handed, but once in a while I'll find some vintage treasure, like today! I found a really sweet vintage chenille bedspread! I just washed it and I'm going to try to get it listed soon on Ebay.

Very pretty isn't it?
And talk about washing...well, I did some of that this morning and Murphy's Law prevailed! If you are going to have a kleenex tissue mixed in with your wash, which is bad enough, it will most certainly be in the load of dark stuff...........Jeans, black socks, black golf shirt, ugh!!! I was sure I checked every single pocket for tissues but I obviously missed one somewhere. Shake, shake, shake,...pick, pick, pick....The dryer got rid of most of it thank goodness!

Unexpected Surprise Today

Meet my mom Betty! 89 years old and very much alive and healthy but has suffered with dementia for a number of years and has very little short term and long term memory. She is in need of round the clock care, she loves to wander, even in the middle of the night! She's such a sweetie.......a gentle, friendly soul, the staff and residents of the nursing home just love her !

........I went to the nursing home this afternoon, not realizing they were enjoying the sunshine (thanks goodness!) out front and there was an assortment of farmyard animals in little pens and cages for them to visit with, pet, talk to, etc.! Mom was right in the thick of it, absorbed at looking at these little creatures.This is just wonderful for all the residents of the nursing home who mostly never get out of the building let alone see farm animals!

Of course the little bunnies and kittens were a hit, they could be held and passed around for the residents to cuddle and pet. The pig was another matter! Not too cuddly at all!

Click on the little collage picture below to get a better view. I was glad I took my camera with me, I usually forget. I won't bore you with all the pics I took, I just put a few together in the collage That ole piggy was having a snooze when I got there but later livened up. When it was time to go, the owner of Riverview Corral, where the animals came from, loaded up the cages in just the right order on the back of his truck.

This REALLY enlarges when you click on it. Enjoy the animals & my mama!

Monday, August 17, 2009

My froggy friend

One of my froggy friends. This sweet frog/toad was acquired a number of years ago and despite his broken leg, manages to look quite happy sitting in the birdbath surveying my flower garden and yard. He starts out on a rock below the birdbath, but when he starts to be hidden by the spreading pansies or petunias, he gets moved up to his main summer residence. Isn't he cute?
I took the picture last week on a very cloudy overcast day. Cloudy days are supposed to be great for outside picture taking. No shadows!

Hey that's me! The Hurrier I go the Behinder I Get, or so it seems!! Cute little sampler I'm listing on Ebay today.

Today is really lousy as far as the weather. Drizzle right now and it's not very warm either. I have to get into the garden regardless and check on the cukes. I know I've lost alot of raspberries this weekend. They ripen and fall to the ground! It's been to rainy, except for last evening when of course the sun came out for the last couple of hours of the day but so did the mosquitoes. I was busy right then anyway. When I get some time I'll show you some pictures of what I was up to. It has something to do with a HULA HOOP!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday was very soggy!

It rained and rained for most of the day! The farmers market carried on, as alot of the vendors have canopies and people still came out, as the lady in charge told me later in the day. They apparently did very well, the half of the regular vendors that were there.

We are in for next week and hopefully the sun will shine!

Meanwhile, I ventured out to a couple of garage sales that were still on, not too much out there at all! But the good news is, I found the missing cord for my other camera! Just as expected, I just came across it in a most unlikely place when I wasn't looking for it! The first three pictures were on it, I'm pleased that I could finally take some closeups that worked!

Scrabble tile pendants

A couple of domino pendants

The above are rummy tile pendants, which are some of my favorite creations.

These are some dominoes that I am working on in fits and starts! I do a little bit here and there when I find some time.
Today I have just got to work on some Ebay. It is dreary and threatening rain again. The garden is very wet, but I'll get out there later today and hopefully find enough cucumbers to make some more dill pickles. We have already gobbled up 2 jars that I've made in the last week, and my grandson (20 yrs old) will be here for dinner today, he loves Nanny's dill pickles and can go through a jar himself. Kiera (8) will be here too.

She called me yesterday to see if she could come over. She said "I know you're not busy Nanny, because you didn't go to the market today"........Of course I said to come on over, so we had fun doing an assortment of things, she stayed for supper and by the time I took her home at 7:30, I was pretty well exhausted! I will be doing some things this morning that I planned on getting done yesterday. I am off to the laundry room to get some vintage linens washed so I can get them ironed, photographed and listed in the next couple of days. I have really not got much ambition for Ebay these days but I have alot of little stuff to get out the door so must carry on!

Have a great day all!

Just a little update...I've been racing around here trying to get as much done as I can before hubby gets back from golfing (in the rain, yes!). It is dull and drizzly and downright miserable out there although not really cold. I am quitting right now with trying to get some Ebay done. Pictures aren't turning out great, the listing service doesn't want to bulk upload pictures, the phone keeps ringing, and I don't feel I've accomplished a heck of alot, but I've made some progress. Now I think I am going to have to get some potatoes out of the muck in the garden! I don't have enough for supper! It is awful wet out there, so wet that we are growing a lovely crop of mushrooms in the lawn!!! Don't know if they're edible or not but won't take the chance!

Stepped out to the deck and took this picture. Click to enlarge and see those mushrooms!

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